Our Corporate Philosophy - The Nitto Way

The Nitto Way is a combination of best practices and objectives based on trial and error from past generations. The best practices are the product of successful experiences. Whereas the objectives indicate the items we should continuously aim to improve.

The best practices described in the Nitto Way are embedded in our Nitto DNA. Nitto Persons show this behaviour in their daily activities. By the way, a Nitto Person is a person who understands and practices The Nitto Way, or is trying to do so. If you try to follow the Nitto Way, we already welcome you as a Nitto Person!

To learn and live the Nitto Way, we have dedicated Nitto Way Meisters who are trained to transfer their knowledge and whom you can always address in case you want inspiration. Scroll down to see what their favorite part of our Philosophy is or have a look at our Job  opportunities and meet them in person one day!

The Nitto Way

  • "Amaze and inspire our Customers"

    Richard Rettegy - HR, General Affairs & Communications Manager @ Nitto Denko Czech

    When I started with Nitto in 2015, this sentence wasn't clear to me. I struggled on how to apply it for me and my department (HR). without a direct contact to the customer. I felt this  was more applicable to sales or customer services. During a Corporate Philosophy workshop, I realized that ‘customers’ are also ‘internal customers’ and it hit me: I've many internal customers! Our colleagues are the customers and I need to amaze and inspire them! Since then, I've been applying this principle and it has become my favorite sentence!

  • “Act promptly, and once a decision has been made, be determined to carry it through to completion”

    Cansu Kobas - Human Resources Manager @ Nitto Bento

    I have learned as a ‘Meister’ that the best way to explain the Corporate Philosophy is via sharing experiences. Improving the self-awareness of my colleagues will help them to boost their efficiency and will make them happier in their job!

  • “Transform ourselves constantly”

    Zoltan Toth - Quality, Safety & Health @ Nisscho Hungary

    As a ‘Meister’ I have learned that changes never stop. Taking these continuous changes as an opportunity is the best way to improve yourself to grow. During my CP Workshops I stress the fact that the growth of the company is driven by personal growth.