Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Nitto was one of the first Japanese companies in 2005 that replaced its pure financial annual report with a CSR report talking about the activities behind the numbers, explaining how we as a company contribute to society.

So, how are we contributing to society in the EMEA region?

  • Sustainability

    The main topic of our era is “sustainability”. The EU wants to become the first climate neutral continent by 2050. The plan to reach this ambitious goal is called the ‘EU Green Deal’ and serves as the inspiration for Nitto’s environmental strategy in the EMEA region.

    Our first decision was a CO2 emission reduction plan with a clear target: 30% less CO2 emissions by the end 2022 based on the emission levels of 2018 and we are well on track to meet that first target. We have set a new target towards 2030 with a further reduction from 30% to 55%.

  • Diversity & Inclusion

    Nitto wants to be a mirror of society. However, to be a true mirror of society, we still have some hurdles to take. A diverse team of members from all companies within the EMEA region is helping us to take away the hurdles. Sometimes it can be a simple action like the decision to have 7 female and 7 male participants for the yearly Regional Business Academy training program for future leaders. But most of the times is a more fundamental discussion like how to get more women in leading positions within our companies.

  • Integrity

    At Nitto we explain integrity as “doing the right thing, also when nobody is watching.” Most of the time it boils down to good old common sense. But in some cases, it might not always be clear and therefore we have created our business conduct guidelines. These guidelines describe how to do the right thing in over 40 situations you might encounter.

    In the event things go wrong, we still have our whistle blowing system in which you can report any serious concern in complete anonymity.

  • Social Contribution

    As a company embedded in society, we also take action in or support many local activities! Have a look on our Social Action Program to learn about all the initiatives that we are taking.