"Creating Value for Customers" means more than offering the right product to solve a certain problem. At Nitto, we always start from the real need of our customer. We aim to co-create with them and thanks to the DNA of our Employees (consisting out of perseverance, creativity and innovation) we can offer them a whole range of solutions. 

In the EMEA region, we are present at 17 different locations within 14 countries. Besides our 4 Manufacturing and 3 Converting sites, we also have 10 Sales Offices to assure a close collaboration with our customers. Although each location has his own identity, cultural differences and activities every employee shares the same Values and we all contribute to the same goal: creating value with passion!

Our Regional Headquarters and Sales Offices

Nitto EMEA - Regional Headquarters

Our Headquarters is located in Leuven, the city of Innovation. The office holds all EMEA Corporate Services (IT, Finance, HR & Communications and Strategic Planning, Legal & Compliance) and EMEA Quality, Health and Safety department. 

We support the other locations with our services and offer guidelines in line with our EMEA Strategy Execution. 

Our Sales Offices are located all over Europe. They each belong to our Customer Experience organisation which is managed from our EMEA Business Office in Munich, Germany.

Our Manufacturing Sites

Our Manufacturing Sites

  • Nitto Belgium

    Nitto Belgium was founded in 1974 in Genk, Belgium and is the oldest and largest site in the region. Today Nitto Belgium manufactures sealing materials, reinforcing and damping materials and various kinds of industrial adhesive tapes. 
    Nitto Belgium is the 'knowledge center' of the Nitto Group in Europe and supports the establishment and growth of other group companies in the region.

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  • Nitto Denko Czech

    Nitto Denko Czech is the foothold for the Nitto Group in Central Europe. The company has manufacturing, converting and warehousing capabilities and is equipped with a large cleanroom facility. Today Nitto Denko Czech focuses on the electronics market  and automotive market.

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  • Nitto Bento

    Nitto Bento's modern plant consists of 3 buildings and external warehouses covering an area of 56,057 m2. Nitto Bento's product portfolio includes:
    - Packaging tapes, masking tapes, double sided tapes and cellophane tapes
    - Closure tapes, frontal tapes, elastic ears and hotmelt glue for baby and adult diapers producers
    - Protective tapes for window profiles, external facade panels, aluminium and steel plates.

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  • Nitto Advanced Film Gronau

    Nitto Advanced Film Gronau is a leading international supplier of a wide variety of films and film-based products. The product range includes high-quality printed packaging solutions and films, technical films, hygiene components, laminating films and label films as well as decorative and flooring films. Since December 2020, high quality face masks and melt-blown nonwovens complete our portfolio.

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  • Nitto Advanced Nonwoven Ascania

    Nitto Advanced Nonwoven Ascania is a producer of high-quality nonwoven fabrics and nonwoven composites primarily used for personal care, hygiene and medical products as well as household applications. Our products are e.g. used for nappies, feminine hygiene products, wet wipes, hospital supplies, wiping cloths and one-way cleaning materials.

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Our Converting Sites

  • Nitto Denko UK

    Since 1998, Nitto Denko UK Ltd., has been setting the global standard in the material conversion industry for Nitto Denko materials and other Japanese & European materials as well as trading worldwide. Nitto Denko UK Ltd., has the experience and a customer driven work philosophy to help you manufacture the highest performing components for your industry.

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  • Nitto Otomotiv

    Nitto Otomotiv's focus is primarely on serving the customers in the Automotive segment. Thanks to its state of the art local converting and warehousing capabilities it can provide quick service to customers in the Turkish market and surrounding countries.

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  • Nissho Hungary

    Nissho Hungary’s main field of activity is manufacturing and sales of secondary processed products of film, foam, fabrics and adhesive tape. Main target markets are automotive, automotive electronics and general electronics. Our products are sold mainly in Europe, but as well in Asia, or the Americas.

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